Trade Winds — Help Me Choose the One

I dye because I love playing with colour.  And when I free myself from the (usually self-imposed) requirement to create a specific hue or shade, and instead just let myself be drawn into pure experimentation, I find real joy in the process.

Last week, I did just that.  I created a basic colour recipe, and then tweeked it, and tweeked it again, and then once more…  and dyed one skein in each, just to see how they’d come out.

The Trade Winds Clockwise from top left: Westerly, Northeasterly, Southeasterly, and The Sea Below

Trade winds blow great ships across the sea, their sails billowing, their hulks lying heavy in the blue and green waters, laden down with trunk upon trunk of brightly coloured silk fabrics, and barrels filled with the warm shades of precious spices.

Because the recipes (and the resulting colourways) are so close, I’m going to choose only one colourway to dye for the shop in future.  But… I’m not sure which one to pick.   And so I’d like to ask you, dear readers, for your help.  Which one would you pick?  Please tell me!

And, just to add a bit of fun, I’ll give a $4 credit on your next order from SpaceCadet Creations to everyone who leaves an answer in the comments here before midnight on Friday.  Howzat then?  Sound good?

So, go on then!  Tell me which colourway you’d pick!

Small print:  Comments must be left on this blog post before midnight on Fri Oct 1 2010.  Limited to one $4 credit per household.  Comments must name a colourway chosen from the four listed to be valid.  Multiple comments will not count for multiple credits. Commenter must list a valid email address when leaving the comment and then use that same email address when placing the order with SpaceCadet Creations, in order to be properly credited. The $4 credit must be claimed via the message section when placing the order on Etsy, in order to be properly credited.

22 thoughts on “Trade Winds — Help Me Choose the One

  1. I vote for Westerly as that hint of warm in all the cool colors reminds me of a beautiful ocean sunset when the last burst of roses and oranges pop just before the sun slips finally into the water.

  2. I would like to publish your site for your South Hill Knitting Guild. Is this OK with you? Let me know your site via my e-mail. Thanks

  3. I would have to say Westerly. I can’t say why, though…I keep trying to find a reason and can’t. Especially since I am not usually drawn to the pink/lighter colors. The combo just works for me. I would use any of them if I had the opportunity!

  4. Gosh! They’re all gorgeous and I can see why you have difficulty choosing. I just can’t decide! Sorry I’m no help.

  5. The Sea Below…that is the one I keep coming back to. They are all beautiful, though, and any one would be lovely to knit up.

  6. I can understand why you are asking for help with this decision! Have gone back & forth a few times but my eyes are always drawn to The Sea Below.

  7. If I had to choose just one, it would be Westerly. I love the oranges and almost terracottas mixed in with the blues, greens and purples. Reminds me of a coral reef.

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