Pattern Roll-Call: Trifecta Perfection

There’s snow on the ground and ice on the way, and the wind is bitter and cruel.  I think no month can be called Deep Winter more than February, and it takes all our woolly armory to stave off the cold.

So when I saw the Sweetly Worn trio by Natalie Selles, I knew I had to show it to you.  I mean, it caught my eye first because of the way it will show off a hand-dyed variegated yarn so beautifully by alternating it against contrasting solid yarn.   And I love that the stripes travel across the fabric to form intriguing shapes and angles.

© Natalie Selles, Used with Permission


But today,on this cold, grey, snow-locked February day, I think I just really love the fact that this is a complete set — hat, shawl, and mitts — that will go a long way toward keeping this bone-chilling winter at bay.

I think this pattern would look wonderful with a deep, wintery colourway such as this Celeste in Stewed Cranberries (which went into the shop today) or Estelle in Spice Trade:

sock yarn, yarn, knitting, hand-dyed
Celeste in Stewed Cranberries, Estelle in Spice Trade


Or, if you are looking out at the snow and find yourself in need of a boost of bright summery colour, perhaps you could try these zesty yellows and greens that I’ve just put into the Dept of Rocket Science:

knitting, yarn, sock yarn
Estelle and Stella in Dept of Rocket Science 110120-010

One thought on “Pattern Roll-Call: Trifecta Perfection

  1. I love your “summery” colorway, but have to admit. I’m in fairly sunny California and only know of the snow/ice/hail/tornadoes from the recent news reports. Hope you stay warm, and Love the trifecta. beautiful! Another good use of self striping yarns is Jared Flood’s Turn A Square Hat…..

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