Our Spring SpaceCadet One-of-a-Kind Special Event!

Our Spring SpaceCadet One-of-a-Kind Special Event!

A few weeks ago, just after I’d mentioned on the blog that we were taking a wonderful collection of One-of-a-Kind SpaceCadet yarns to our spring shows, a customer emailed to ask if we could offer them on line for the folks who live too far away to come to our shows.  We do a great deal of experimentation in the studio, which creates a ton of incredibly beautiful one-of-a-kind colourways, with layer upon layer of colour, but we rarely offer them for sale online simply because it takes so long to photograph and get them all up on the website.  But that email got me thinking…  I realised she was right, it would be great to occasionally offer our experimental colourways to all our customers, so I decided that once the shows were over, we’d do a something special.

The SpaceCadet's One-of-a-Kind Special Event

Our Spring SpaceCadet One-of-a-Kind Colourways Special Event

So here it is — your chance to get your hands on all those lovely yarns that you don’t normally see in our shop!  There are 65 skeins of Celeste fingering

*sound of a record scratching*

Ok, wait, an amazing thing happened yesterday, but it kind of changes everything.  So before I go any further, let me quickly explain.  I had planned to open the One-of-a-Kind Special Event to the public this morning, but also decided to reward the folks who’ve joined our mailing list by giving them a one day’s advanced notice.  Sundays are quiet in the online world, most people are busy and don’t check their email.  I thought, it would be a nice, gentle way to ease into the Special Event…

Well…  I was wrong!  The folks on our mailing list went nuts for the One-of-a-Kind colourways and jumped straight in with both feet.  It was amazing to watch the orders come flying in, knowing that each one represented a SpaceCadet customer who’d found a yarn they just LOVED!  I have to tell you, I think getting to be that kind of a match-maker has to be one of the best parts of my job, but it does mean that a lot of the One-of-a-Kind skeins are gone.  Now, there are some wonderful colourways left (including my personal favourite — any guesses which one it is?), but it turns out, you’ve got to be superfast to grab the ones that are calling out to you before they disappear!

Ok, so now that I’ve explained, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programme…

There’s the summer-friendly Celeste fingering, our wildly popular Lyra sport, beautiful Elara bulky, and three kinds of laceweight — so you’re sure to find something that you love!  But they’re available for only 10 days, so be quick.

Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Oh, and if you’re stumped for what to get your mother for Mother’s Day, pick a colourway for her and leave your gift message in the notes section when you place your order.  Or you suspect your family might be planning to get you something… erm…  disappointing for Mother’s Day, then share this post and drop some heavy hints — chances are, they’ll be grateful for the help!

Ready to get started?

It’s easy — just scroll down and click on one of the images below  — fingering, sport, bulky, or lace — to see all the other colourways available. They’re all dyed and ready to go, so we’ll get your order packed and out to you quickly.  Can’t wait to see what you pick!

Celeste 24-28

Lyra 1-5

Elara 1-5

Luna 1-5

So there you have it — the last 24 hours have been amazing and I’ve learned how much folks really love our One-of-a-Kind colourways.  We never stop playing with colour and producing amazing yarns, so I think we might make this a semi-annual event to share our beautiful experimentations with you.

But the real moral of this story? It’s TOTALLY worth being on our mailing list!  If you’re not already on it, click here and let’s get that fixed right now.

Calling All Yarn Adventurers

There’s a lot of experimentation that goes on in the SpaceCadet studio — experimentations with new colour combinations, experimentations with new yarns and fibers.  And it’s a hell lot of fun (!) that produces a lot of wonderful yarns.  It also produces a lot of yarns that may be the start of something great or… that may be one-of-a-kind specials, never to be seen again.

yarn, knitting, crochet, sock yarn, spacecadet, space cadet, hand dyed, indie dyer
Merino/nylon fingering yarn in "Submerge"

And while most knitters and crocheters stick to the more tried-and-true colourways, there is a small, core group of my customers who really, really love this kind of yarn.  I think of them as Yarn Adventurers — customers who like to break new ground, who want to try new things, who love the possibility of knitting with a yarn that no one else may ever their hands on.

If you’re a Yarn Adventurer, I’m talking to you.  Later this week, I’m going to put a new button over there in the right-hand column.  Look for it — it will say something like “Yarn Adventurer” or “Yarn Voyager”, I’m not sure yet.  And when you click on it, you’ll get the chance to sign up for a new newsletter just for people who like you.  In this newsletter, I’m going to offer the first chance at some great experimental yarns.   You’ll see them before anyone else does.  You’ll see them waaaaay before they ever go into the shop — in fact, they may never even get into the shop.  It’ll be first-come first-served, and you’ve got to be on the list to know about it.  Watch for that button later this week!

yarn, knitting, crochet, sock yarn, spacecadet, space cadet, hand dyed, indie dyer
Merino/Nylon fingering weight yarn in "Half-Light"

There’s just one thing I ask for if you sign up for this new newsletter, and that’s feedback.  You are going to be one of the first people to try a new base, to see a new colourway.  You are my man on the ground.  And I need to know what you thought of it.  So, for any yarns or colourways I’m debating about, I may get in touch with you after your purchase to ask your opinion, to get your thoughts.  If you’re up for that, and you’re up for a little yarn adventure, then make sure you are on that list!


yarn, knitting, crochet, sock yarn, spacecadet, space cadet, hand dyed, indie dyer
Merino/bamboo/nylon fingering weight yarn in "Torment"

Now, let’s get to the yarns in the shop update this week!  Every one of them is the sort of yarn that will go in this new newsletter but, until it’s set up, I’ve put these in the shop.  First, there’s a pair of merino/bamboo/nylon yarns in a beautiful, luminous, almost oxidised green called “Torment”.  I’m crazy about this shade!

And then, the rest of the yarns are on a merino/nylon base that…  that I…   well, I bought it by accident.  Yeah, I know!  I just marked the wrong box on the order form and, well, there you go.  Almost ten pounds of the wrong yarn arrived a few days later and I faced the choice of owning up to my mistake and hoping the supplier would take the yarn back or…  just dye it.

yarn, knitting, crochet, sock yarn, spacecadet, space cadet, hand dyed, indie dyer
Merino/nylon fingering weight yarn in "Plunge"

So, I dyed it up (I mean, why not? I love to dye!) and you know, what?  I am so glad I made this mistake.  I think I’m a little in love with this yarn!  It’s an ordinary merino/nylon blend, smooth and quite light, but there’s something about it that I just love.  It’s the way it takes colour — it’s almost lustrous.  I love this yarn.  I’m soooooo glad I ticked the wrong box!

(Oh, by the way, the yarn in the first picture?  There are six skeins of it, easily enough to do a whole sweater, maybe a bit more.  If you fancy that, grab it up quickly!)

SpaceCadet Creations at Homespun Yarn Party on March 27

You know what?  We had so much fun, we’re doing it again!…

homespun yarn party, handdyed, hand-dyed, knitting, yarn

SpaceCadet Creations will be at the Homespun Yarn Party in Savage MD on March 27!  This is a fantastic, juried show that features only indie fiber artists and hand-crafters.   But this is no local craft show — the standard is very high and it is such an honour to have been chosen to participate!

If you’ve ever wanted to see SpaceCadet colours in person, or to snorgle the yarns and stroke the fibers, and you live anywhere in the WashingtonDC/Baltimore area or the surrounds, please do make the trip Savage.  We’d LOVE to meet you!  And you’ll have a great time!

hand-dyed, handdyed, knitting, yarn, spacecadet, space cadet, silk, BFL
Left to right: Silk/BFL Yarn in Straw Into Gold, Plumberry, and Heartthrob

And, in case you’re thinking that March 27th feels like a loooong time away, I’ve put some wonderful new yarns in the shop.  This time, I’ve focused on luxury:  wonderful, smooshy Luna Laceweight and some decadently shimmery Silk & BFL.   Enjoy!


hand-dyed, handdyed, yarn, lace weight, silk, merino, knitting, crochet
Clockwise from top left: Luna Silk/Merino Laceweight in Straw Into Gold, Translucence, Spice Trade, and Covetous

Pattern Roll-Call: Trifecta Perfection

There’s snow on the ground and ice on the way, and the wind is bitter and cruel.  I think no month can be called Deep Winter more than February, and it takes all our woolly armory to stave off the cold.

So when I saw the Sweetly Worn trio by Natalie Selles, I knew I had to show it to you.  I mean, it caught my eye first because of the way it will show off a hand-dyed variegated yarn so beautifully by alternating it against contrasting solid yarn.   And I love that the stripes travel across the fabric to form intriguing shapes and angles.

© Natalie Selles, Used with Permission


But today,on this cold, grey, snow-locked February day, I think I just really love the fact that this is a complete set — hat, shawl, and mitts — that will go a long way toward keeping this bone-chilling winter at bay.

I think this pattern would look wonderful with a deep, wintery colourway such as this Celeste in Stewed Cranberries (which went into the shop today) or Estelle in Spice Trade:

sock yarn, yarn, knitting, hand-dyed
Celeste in Stewed Cranberries, Estelle in Spice Trade


Or, if you are looking out at the snow and find yourself in need of a boost of bright summery colour, perhaps you could try these zesty yellows and greens that I’ve just put into the Dept of Rocket Science:

knitting, yarn, sock yarn
Estelle and Stella in Dept of Rocket Science 110120-010

The Department of Rocket Science

C’mere, I want to show you something…  Here, over here, through this door.   It says, “Department of Rocket Science” and I’ve heard crazy things happen in there…   No, don’t worry… it’s ok.  Look, I’ll come with you.  It’s this door here, see?  Come on!…


I love to experiment with colour — it gives me such a rush and it’s why I dye.  For me, there is no moment in the whole dyeing process more exciting than when I lift a skein of yarn out of the dyepot and it reveals its colours to me.  Darker on the outside, softer on the inside… opening up like a soft spring flower, or glistening like a decadent chocolate.  No matter how many skeins I dye, that moment gives me a rush every single time.

sock yarn, hand-dyed, hand dyed, knitting, yarn
Estelle in Dept of Rocket Science Colourway 101222-002


It’s through this process of playing with colour that I’ve created all the wonderful colourways that I dye for the shop time and again.  But, along the way, that process also produces yarns in colourways that probably won’t be repeated again — yarns that were stepping stones in the development of a new colourway, or yarns where I simply let my muse run free to see what would come out of the dyepot.

sock yarn, hand-dyed, hand dyed, knitting, yarn
Stella in Dept of Rocket Science Colourway 110106-001


And so I have created the Department of Rocket Science.  It’s a special place where I can go to experiment  with abandon — to mix new colours, to dye with my eyes closed, to play with new fibers and new yarn bases.  And it’s place where you can come and discover results of all this wonderful experimentation, and choose one of these very special yarns for your one-of-a-kind project.  (And remember that all these experimental yarns will go into this section, regardless of yarn/fiber type, so if you’re searching the shop for a particular yarn type, don’t forget to check the Dept of Rocket Science as well.)

Stella in Dept of Rocket Science Colourway 110105-005
Stella in Dept of Rocket Science Colourway 110105-005

So go ahead… open the door!  You never know what you’ll find inside…  But it will always be something exciting!