Hana Hou Winners …and Gifts for Everyone Else!

We’ve been super busy lately developing some fab new colourways, but I wanted to quickly pull myself away from the dyepots to give you the news that I know a ton of you have been waiting for…

Hana Hou 1 480

Last week I announced that Mel of Singlehanded Knits had generously given me seven copies of her gorgeous new pattern, Hana Hou (perfect for SpaceCadet Lyra!) to give away to seven lucky readers.  So, without further ado, the winners aaaaare…

  • Andrea  (SeCoWi13 on Ravelry)
  • Dianne (cdccj on Ravelry)
  • Grace (tully on Ravelry)
  • Laura (tastefldiversns on Ravelry)
  • Dawn (Knithemiptera on Ravlery)
  • Dvora (dvorag on Ravelry)
  • Robin (pookiemonk on Ravelry)

Congratulations!  Mel will be sending each of you your pattern shortly.

So You Didn’t Win? No Worries!

Even if your name’s not up on there in that list, I’ve still got a couple of treats for you!  But hurry, they’re for today only.

First, if you click here to join the SingleHanded Knits mailing list today, and Mel will give you $2 off your own copy of Hana Hou.  Which is pretty fabulous, and gets you halfway to getting cast on!

Hana Hou 2 480

And then, to get you the rest of the way to casting on, I’m giving you a coupon code for $5 off SpaceCadet Lyra — the perfect yarn for Hana Hou — which means your Hana Hou pattern is essentially free when you make it in SpaceCadet yarn!

We’ve got a ton of Lyra tied up and ready to dye, but you have to hurry — this is a spur-of-the-moment thing that I just thought of, so the code is good on orders placed today only.  To get your $5 off, just click here to choose your colours, and enter the code LyraForHanaHou during check out, and the rest of your Hana Hou pattern will be on me!


New Colourways

And you know I said we’d been hard at work in the studio developing new colourways?  It’s a really long process — first there’s the original colour idea, then the development of the recipe, then dyeing up test batches and checking quality, the photography and image editing, and then finally getting the new colouways up on the website.

New SpaceCadet Colourways - Ares, Mars, How Dare You, and Oxblood

But our new colours are slowly making their way into the shop, one by one — and I’ll be working on putting a few more of them in later this week and over the weekend.  But for now, have a look for fabulous four new shades in Lyra.  And, hey, leave a comment and let me know which is your favourite — I’d love to know!

The Yarn Alliance Opens in March

Are you signed up for the Yarn Alliance mailing list?  Available to new subscribers only twice a year, the InterStellar Yarn Alliance — the SpaceCadet’s premiere yarn club, known for fabulous fingering yarns, gorgeous colourways, and awesome gifts — will be opening again in March for two weeks only.  If you want to be the first to know when it does, click here and get on the Yarn Alliance mailing list!

Announcing… Pau Hana!

I have an announcement.  But before the announcement, I have a little funny story that I want to share with you.  My friend Mel, otherwise known as MSkiKnits of the Singlehanded Knits podcast (you watch it, right? because, seriously, she records on the beaches of Kauai)…  Anyway, Mel has been busy designing a fantastic pattern with a SpaceCadet Ombre & Gradient Kit — actually, two patterns, and here’s where the funny bit comes in…  because she hadn’t named one of  patterns yet, so she kept referring to as “the sweater”.  But when she said that, I somehow got the wrong sweater in my mind.

So she was phoning me up and asking questions about the kits and how they would work with the pattern.  And I was happily answering her questions.  And sometimes it all suddenly wouldn’t seem to make any sense to me and I’d paused confusedly… or sometimes she’d pause…  But then we’d get ourselves back on track and everything would seem fine again.

MSkiKnit's Pau Hana knit in a SpaceCadet Creations Ombre & Gradient Kit


And then the other week, she told me that the pattern was ready for release at last.  Hoorah!  But as she went on to describe the details, suddenly it all started to not make sense again.  And so I finally owned up to my utter confusion and said, “Hang on, Mel.  What… wait, what exactly are we talking about?”  And that’s when she and I suddenly realised that the entire time we’d been talking — through all those phone calls — she’d been asking about one sweater, and I’d been answering about a comletely different sweater!

*sigh*  …SpaceCadet indeed.

Not to worry, the pattern is gorgeous.  The yarn works with it beautifully.  You’re going to love this!

And now the announcement…

MSkiKnit's Pau Hana knit in a SpaceCadet Creations Ombre & Gradient Kit

This is Pau Hana

Pau Hana is a beautiful Dolman style sweater by MSkiKnits of the Singlehanded Knits podcast, designed completely around SpaceCadet Creations Ombré & Gradient Kits, to capture one of the hottest trends in colour right now.

Pau Hana is knit top down,with a beautiful center panel pattern repeated in the cuffs and bottom edge detail. Front and back panels are knit side to side in parts and joined together in the round beneath the arms. After joining, a series of decreases gently shape the sweater to flatter all figures. Upper and lower bottom arm seaming is simple and enjoyable.

The positive ease in this sweater makes it perfect…for all sizes, all layering choices, all seasons.

Want to see this sweater live? Head HERE for a peek at it on Mel on the blog and in the podcast on the beach in Hawaii at sunset!

MSkiKnit's Pau Hana knit in a SpaceCadet Creations Ombre & Gradient Kit

The Pau Hana Kit

And, hey, guess what?  In celebration of the pattern’s release, I’m doing a limited number of Pau Hana kits!   The kits are created with Lyra, the SpaceCadet’s gorgeously sproingy sport weight, and each kit includes:

  • either four skeins for size XS, S,  and M (32″, 34″, 36″ bust)
  • or five skeins for sizes L, XL, XXL (40″, 42″, 44″ bust)
  • a FREE copy of the Pau Hana pattern with five pages of detailed directions
  • an instructional video, provided exclusively with each SpaceCadet Pau Hana kit purchase, which explains how to weigh yarn, join and transition most effectively.

The SpaceCadet's Pau Hana Ombre & Gradient Kits!

To buy a Pau Hana kit, click the button below and then be sure to choose a colourway option that is marked “Pau Hana” to ensure you get the pattern and bonus video.

Click here to buy a SpaceCadet Pau Hana Kit!

(These kits are limited in quantity but, if we run out, I’ll open the listing to pre-orders for as many more kits as I have yarn in stock.  If you click over and there are none left, be sure to come back shortly to nab one of the pre-orders!)


And look, if a whole bunch of you are grabbing a kit and casting on, we might as well make this a party, right?  So let’s turn this into a Pau Hana KAL!

The Pau Hana Knitalong is a fabulous way to knit this gorgeous jumper in the company a whole bunch of other excited and enthusiastic knitters!

You’ll be able to share your progress, get support and extra instruction on the best way to use the intriguing colour changes of the Ombre and Gradient Kits, and enjoy the camaraderie as we all work through this beautiful project together.  It’s gotta be the very best way to knit — c’mon and join us!

MSkiKnit's Pau Hana knit in a SpaceCadet Creations Ombre & Gradient Kit

The KAL will begin in mid-October and run for about six weeks.  Each week there will be benchmark goals to help keep you on track, but you don’t have to worry — everyone can work at their own pace, and the only requirement is that your share your progress and help us all cheer each other along.

Ready to join the fun?  All the updates and information will be post on the SpaceCadet’s Ravelry page.  Click here to join the group, and then say hello in the Welcome thread!

I can’t wait to get started, can you?  Ok, who’s in?

The SpaceCadet's Pau Hana Ombre & Gradient Kits!

Dark Skies… And the Flood that Followed

I love a summer rain storm.  When I am in Britain, I really miss the kind of earth-pummeling, window-rattling, bone-shaking thunderstorms that you get here in the States.  There is nothing like the smell of a brewing storm carried on the breeze, building in the yellow air, pushing all the heat and humidity away in its path.  I love the fierce flash of lighting, the answering crack of thunder, and the lovely hypnotic rhythm of the rain on the roof.  And that they often come at night, when I am tucked cosily under the duvet and can listen to all the exciting madness outside from the safety of my bed, makes summer storms all the better.

Last Tuesday night, we got a fabulous storm — one with all the elements I love the most.  The rain was hard, the lightening spectacular, the smell was earthy and gorgeous.  As it rolled in, I got into bed with a grin on my face, and the duvet pulled up tight under my chin.

Storm Video

But this storm had more in store than I expected  …or had ever experienced before.  Instead of banging and crashing and then moving on, it stayed and it grew.  At 8am I was abruptly woken by lightening and thunder that exploded simultaneously — directly over the house — and looked outside to see rain coming down so hard that it was actually being driven uphill on the street outside the house, by the sheer force of the storm.  I rushed downstairs to check the drain outside our backdoor — it’s the only true weak spot around our house, which sits at the top of a hill and has otherwise excellent drainage all the way around.

Cut that Carpet!

And halfway across the family room my footsteps suddenly went SPLOSH.  It was the distinct sound of a stepping into a puddle, except I was inside my house, walking across the carpet.  The drain was draining as well as it could, but it simply couldn’t keep up with the sheer volume of the water, which was now cascading through under the door, where the carpet welcomed it like a thirsty sponge.  I grabbed everything I could carry, and hastily moved it to drier ground.

ByeBye Carpet

The carpet is a total write-off — no surprise there — and, sadly, not covered by insurance.   Also, within 24 hours, it was just about the stinkiest thing I have had the misfortune to share an enclosed space with.  As much as I dread the expense of replacing it, never was I so happy to see something leave the house!

Unfortunately, when they lifted the carpet, we discovered that it wasn’t concrete underneath as we’d expected, but the the original tiles…  made of asbestos.  We’ve been told they’re fine so long as we don’t disturb them in any way, but I feel really quite freaked out just knowing they’re here.  I don’t even like walking on them.   *shudder*   And honestly, I cannot wait to get them covered back up again.


But shall I tell you a small miracle?  The water, which also cascaded down into our basement before it finally found the drain, ran right past but not into all the SpaceCadet yarn we had stored there.  You could have seen my heart start up again when I realised that.  Small miracles indeed!

So now, after dehumidifiers, air-scrubbbers, and fans — four days of living in a house that sounded an awful lot like an airplane taking off —  and anti-microbial sprays and wall scrubbing and chaos, we are licking our wounds but realising it could have been a lot worse.  Of course, we’re still scrambling over furniture and boxes that are all in the wrong places.  And reeling from the cost of the clean up, and the price of new carpet (oh!!!), and dreading the future cost of boring a bigger hole for that drain.

And several customers and the Mini-Skein Club members have had to wait a little longer for us to get orders out — but that is probably the very best part of the whole story.  Because when I sent out emails to my customers explaining what happened and offering my apologies, I got the most wonderful, caring, heartwarming replies in return.   I got customers who answered me not as someone (not) supplying them with their yarn, but as a person facing a crisis, and offering sympathy and patience as we get things back together.

You guys, that meant the absolute world to me.  Truly it did.  Thank you.

SpaceCadet Ombre and Gradient Yarn Kits (Colourway: Crush)

Awww but heck, let’s not end this on a soppy note, right?  Before the storm and the chaos, I’d been playing around with something that’s really been intriguing me lately: Ombre and Gradient Kits.  I absolutely love the idea of creating a whole garment in colours that gently change from deep to light right before your eyes.

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone — even as I was dyeing some lovely semi-solid ombre kits, I was aching to pour more colour over them.  So look closely at these kits and you’ll see that most of them are not flat colour.  Not by any stretch!   Crush (above) moves from reds to pinks to just a touch of purple and then bursts into warm oranges.  Cove is deep teals that blend into kelly greens and then almost into yellows.  And Thwack is exactly what it sounds like(!) — bright and bold blacks and blues and purples.  Click here to check them out for yourself.

SpaceCadet Cove Ombre Yarn Kit

Dyeing these has been incredibly fun!!!  I wanted to create kits where the colours changed not only in depth of shade, as you move vertically from skein to skein, but also across each row, as the yarn gently changes hue every few stitches.  I think those two elements working together are going to create amazing, vibrant fabric — a wondrous adventure to create.  I can’t wait to see the results!

 SpaceCadet Dark Skies Ombre Yarn Kit







And Show Season Begins!

Today is an exciting day, because today starts a series of yarn shows that I’ve been looking forward to for months!  This weekend is the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival (15-17 March in Mars PA), followed next weekend by HomeSpun Yarn Party (24 March in Savage MD), then a quick break for Easter before Knitters Fantasy (6 April in Youngstown OH).  It’s going to crazy, busy, fun, exciting, and…  whoooo-boy, pretty exhausting too!

But this year, there is more reason to be excited than usual, because we have some GREAT stuff to share with you this year.  Here let me tell you all about it…

Colourways like you’ve never seen before!

Our show stock this year is focused on one-of-a-kind and unsual colourways.  Yes, there are a few of the standard colourways, but those are always available to you in the shop.  For the shows this year, we’ve really cranked up the dyepots and created some gorgeous, vibrant, eye-catching mixes that you may never see again.  I can’t wait to see what you think of them!

The SpaceCadet's Hand-dyed Yarns at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival

Sparkly Heels & Toes Kits

It started with the idea of knitting socks out of a lovely skein of Stella in one colourway with fabulously sparkly heels and toes with a coordinating baby skein of  our wonderful Lucina.  Who wouldn’t want funky socks with sparkly heels and toes?!?

Socks made from the SpaceCadet's Sparkly Heels & Toes Kits

But then, I thought, why would you stop at just socks?  What about a delicate shawl with a sparkly lace edging? How about lovely mitts with a sparkly lace cuff?

Or wait…  what about sparkly stripes?!?  How cool would that be?!?  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

The SpaceCadet's Sparkly Heels & Toes Kits at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival


Laura Nelkin’s Juego Mystery KAL Kits

Yep, you read that right!  And yep, when Laura announced the Juego KAL on her blog, six weeks of kits sold out in 36 hours!  We’ve been dyeing like crazy ever since to meet the demand but, at Laura’s request, I’ve dyed a few extras for the shows.  They won’t last long — get in and grab yours quick!

Laura Nelkin's Juego Mystery KAL


Dublin Tee Kits

I adore Melissa Jean’s amazing Dublin Tee!  Can’t you see yourself wearing it to…  well, pretty much everywhere?  So I know you’re going to love our Dublin Tee kits, created in Lyra, Ester, and Celeste — the very yarns that the pattern was designed for — and all packaged up in a sweet little bag for you carry them home and cast on straight away.  And to thank you for buying the kit, we’re treating you to the $7 pattern for free!

The Dublin Tee


The Secret Show-Exclusive Colourway!

Now, this is something really special — a custom colourway that I’ve designed exclusively for these Spring shows.  It’s rich and deep, multi-tonal with pops of colour and hidden surprises…  Intrigued?  I’m absolutely in love with it, but you can’t get it unless you come to the shows.  In fact, you can’t even see what it looks like unless you come and visit us!

Welllll…  I will tell you, it’s in Celeste, which is the lovely 3-ply fingering weight in 100% Superwash Merino that Laura Nelkin chose for her Juego.  And wellll…   I’m not completely heartless — here’s a little sneak peak…

The SpaceCadet's Show-Exclusive Colourway at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival

Ok, but seriously — come and see us at the show!  We’d love to see you!

Don’t Forget…

Oh, and one last thing  — but this is only for the brave…   If love our little SpaceCadet as much as we do, go ahead and ask me for a tattoo!  We had so much fun at HomeSpun last year with all the bold, brave women who wore their SpaceCadet tats with pride, and I would love to do it again.  Arms, faces,  shoulders…  cleavage!  They’re all fair game, and the SpaceCadet’s cheeky grin looks cute on all of them.  So don’t be afraid — let’s tat you up!


And if you can’t make the shows?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you!  All the great kits you’ve see here will be making it into the shop once show season is over.  So keep your eyes peeled and your needles at the ready.   But if you can get to the shows, do it.  They’re so much fun, and you know you want to!


 The InterStellar Yarn Alliance is open for Subscriptions

from March 8 to March 24 only!

Click here to learn more or to join the SpaceCadet's InterStellar Yarn Alliance yarn club for knitters and crocheters