Bright Lights, Big Etsy Treasury

A little email in my inbox, minding its own business, waiting for me to open it…  And so I do, and it announces that…  drumroll please… Freshly Cut Grass has been chosen for SacredArts‘s Etsy Treasury!!!  I’m so excited!!!

And here’s how my little yarn looks up in lights:

Thank you, SacredArts!  You have absolutely made my day!

Scenes from a Fiber Life: Reskeining Freshly Cut Grass

After the skeins are dyed, we reskein them into smaller, more manageable skeins to go in the shop.  And we do it outside, if it’s a nice day…  in the dappled sunlight with a glass of chilled mimosa.  This was my Sunday.

Freshly Cut Grass on the swift

From the swift onto the skein winder
The swift moving at high speed

And the result is one of my favourite colourways, Freshly Cut Grass

As Featured on an Etsy Treasury

Imagine my surprise when I received an email today telling me that my Freshly Cut Grass yarn has been featured in an Etsy Treasury.  Well, no… wait…  you don’t have to imagine — let me tell you:  I squealed so loud that my husband didn’t know what to do with me and my children ran away up to their bedrooms!

So exciting!  Thank you, Heather King, for choosing my yarn for your treasury!